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St. Peter of Alausí is the capital city of the canton Alausí and located in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. It is located approximately 60 miles (97 km) south of Riobamba in a small valley that follows the course of the Chanchan River.

The city was founded on June 29, 1534 by Sebastian de Benalcazar. In 1895, Ecuadorian President, General Eloy Alfaro, had a vision to create a railroad that connected Ecuador’s coast to its capital city through the Andes Mountains.

This difficult project was completed in approximately 1902 and included the Devil’s Nose, the most difficult portion of the railroad. The Devil’s Nose and trans country railroad showed great promise and future for the area of Alausí.

Alausi’s beautiful geography, history, culture, and rich diversity make it a special place to experience. It is known as the Canton Five Heritages and Tourism City Holiday village for possessing cultural tourism, natural beauty, archaeological significance, and historical architecture


St. Peter of Alausí has activities and festivals to enjoy all year. Alausí lives in an atmosphere of joy, camaraderie, respect and people who enjoy sharing their lovely town. It is most known for the Devil’s Nose (a historic, thrilling, and scenic train ride), and the St. Peter Festival (a festival celebrating the city’s Patron Saint Peter that includes parades, cockfights, running of the bulls, concerts, fireworks, and much more!).


It is helpful to bring waterproof clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and cameras. Although Alausí’s climate generally remains the same throughout the year, it is more likely to rain during the months of December through April. There is cellular coverage in most of the territory.

Patron Festivals of the Area

There are many festivals to enjoy in the Alausí, Ecuador area. Alausí’s main festival is the San Pedro de Alausí which begins on June 29th each year and lasts about a week.

LocationName and Date Celebrated
MultitudSan Vicente Ferrer
April 5th
AchupallasSan Juan
June 24th
TixánSan Juan Bautista
June 24th
AlausíSan Pedro de Alausí
June 29th
PumallactaVirgen del Carmen
July 16th
SibambeEl Apóstol San Felipe Santiago
July 25th
SevillaJesús del Gran Poder
August 15th
GuasuntosSan Luis Rey de Francia
August 25th
Pistishi – Tolte San Marcial
November 15th
HuigraVirgen de Lourdes de la
Inmaculada Concepción
December 8th

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“Alausí is one of those places you’ll always remember. I’ve visited Alausí twice and was warmly welcomed by everyone I met. From the friendly people, to its natural beauty, and access to outdoor activities, Alausí is hard to put into words – you have to experience it!”

Trip Smith

“Alausí is a unique and beautiful town and both the town and the surrounding region has lots of interesting attractions. I especially liked the train ride and horseback riding in the mountains. The town has a lot of history and a very nice square as well as good restaurants and hotels.”

James Roach

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We wanted to give you a quick update regarding travel to the Alausí, Ecuador region and COVID19.

Since the pandemic arrived in Ecuador in March 2020, local authorities and organizations including the Municipality of Alausí and Alausí Pueblo Magico are strategizing to determine safety practices for reopening the tourism industry.

Some international and domestic flights are now operating in Ecuador. For more details on flights and latest updates, please visit airport websites directly at the links below:

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Each area of Ecuador may have its own travel restrictions and COVID19 status. To learn more about COVID19 in Ecuador, you may refer to these resources:

Ecuador Ministry of Tourism:

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COVID19 Ecuador:

We highly recommend that you check the conditions and travel status of each area in Ecuador you plan on visiting before you decide to travel. In addition, we strongly recommend you take precautions before and during your travel.

Please stay tuned for future updates on items/activities that may be enjoyed in Alausí with social distancing and safety practices.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message us via WhatsApp or fill out the contact form. We will do our best to assist you.

Thank you for your interest in visiting beautiful Alausí, Ecuador and our work.  We wish you all health and safety during this time.


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